Getting Started

How do I get a NAVIT account?
Please contact the person responsible for employee benefits in your company to activate your account. Most companies also have more information about th...
Thu, 21 Sep, 2023 at 3:47 PM
Can my company see which trips I take?
Your company cannot see how you spend your mobility budget. NAVIT will only show mobility statistics on a company level but never on an employee level.
Tue, 27 Jun, 2023 at 1:15 PM
What is my PIN to view my card details?
The PIN is your general unlock code from a mobile phone, you can also use biometrics (e.g. fingerprint or facial recognition).  You can change your unlo...
Tue, 19 Sep, 2023 at 11:49 AM
What can I do if my account gets blocked?
After a few unsuccessful login attempts, NAVIT will lock your account for security reasons. Just wait 30 minutes and the account will be available again. ...
Tue, 27 Jun, 2023 at 1:14 PM
How can I change my NAVIT password?
Open the NAVIT app and click on the "Settings" section at the bottom right. Click on "Personal Settings" "Password" Now...
Tue, 19 Sep, 2023 at 11:47 AM
PIN Required for security - I cannot login to the app.
For security reasons, your phone must have an unlock code or biometric lock so that if you forget your phone somewhere, no one can open your NAVIT app. ...
Tue, 19 Sep, 2023 at 11:48 AM
How can I change my budget allocation preference?
To change your budget allocation for next month you have to do the following steps:  Navigate to the settings section of the NAVIT app. Select the &...
Thu, 21 Sep, 2023 at 4:22 PM