Public Transport Reimbursement

What tickets can I upload/ what needs to be included in the proof?
You can upload all public transport tickets in the form of the purchase confirmations for single, yearly and Deutschlandticket (but not the Deutschlandticke...
Thu, 21 Sep, 2023 at 4:12 PM
When will my ticket get approved?
It takes about 6 business days for your ticket to be approved.  The current status is displayed in the app on the "History" tab.
Tue, 19 Sep, 2023 at 11:15 AM
How do I get refunded for my uploaded public transport tickets?
You will get reimbursed with next month’s payslip. E.g. If you upload a ticket in August you will get reimbursed with your September salary. (You will s...
Tue, 26 Mar, 2024 at 5:45 PM