Once you've set up your NAVIT fuel & charge card, you're all set to pay with ease. Here's how:

Open your fuel and charge app's map to locate a nearby gas station supported by your fueling app.
(Please note that certain fuel stations operate on a prepayment basis, while others operate on a post-payment basis).


  1. Choose a fueling pump in the app without the need to reserve it.

  2. Quickly authorize the payment amount.

  3. The system smoothly sends a request to the pump to purchase fuel upon successful authorization, ensuring minimal delay.

  4. Begin fueling seamlessly if accepted by the pump/gas station system.

  5. After fueling, you'll automatically receive an invoice, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


  1. Should you opt for post-payment, you can effortlessly select a pump in the app.

  2. Smoothly begin fueling again with a seamless transaction request sent to the pump.

  3. After the transaction, select a payment method and authorize the payment.

  4. Upon successful authorization, receive an invoice without any extra steps, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.